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remember......(put your thought here)

i am typing to tell you to remember mother's day it is on May 10th please buy or make your mother something nice and worthwhile for her.  even though i doubt anyone reads my journal other then me and lena soooooooo...........oh well.  if there is someone else who might read this just please be curtious to your female parental unit and make her feel special on this special day.  Alot of children forget until that exact morning then just make her something horrible and/or rummage through old things and regift.  I understand if they are very little then yes, a homemade card covered in glitter is cute......but after a while (in your teens) it loses its cuteness.  so please show your mom u care thank you.  END OF RAMBLING!!!!

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awwww. What a kind thing to say. :'D

....but you can't deny the greatness of glitter cards. you've gotta be an ~~arteest~~ for that shiz. ]<

...actually, I have no idea, hi.

sometimes though it is a great gift but can you imagine the mess with all that glitter and i bet some kids go "here mom this is your mother's day present and oh yeah can you clean up the mess? thanks your a doll!"

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