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Yogurt is NUMMY!!!!
yes, i am eating yogurt and proud of it.  its blueberry yes be jealous because of your lack of yougurty goodness.  from last entry the kid from shawn's birthday party touched my hair to day in school he walked by me and rubbed my arm. THIS KID IS A PERVERT & HE IS ONLY TEN!!!!!  i do not like physical contact whatsoever my friends are lucky they get a hug and i only hug my closest friends whom i trust.  if that little kid touches me one more time he will be thrown down an elevator shaft!  poor shawn he looked at billy and yelled, "dont you are going to die!" and ran.  which billy looked at me and ran too yelling no like i was actually going to attack........around witnesses. now if their were no witnesses that would be a completely different story. i will write later i am too busy enjoying yogurt goodbye. 

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LMFAO. The first time I read this entry, I kept laughing about your yogurt. NOT THAT YOGURT ISN'T GREAT. Because it is. ...especially blueberry yogurt, man. ;3

Also, what the damn, in reference to the kid. If I happen to be there to witness your throwing him down the elevator shaft, I'll just turn my head and look away, fo' shiz.


i thank you for your support of me throwing people down an elevator shaft. LOL!

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