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hello.  shawn's birthday party went well.  Billy was creepy and was fighting with shawn like a girl(sissy slaps with all its glory)  and he ran his hand through my hair when walking by and whispered, "soft".  it took every fiber of my being not to hunt him down and throw him down my bowling lane.  maybe i could have gotten a strike!  shawn got a remote control spider which he is planning to put into his mother's bed.   now she is afraid to get into her bed without checking first. evry little kid was high on cake and was hopping around driving all of us nuts and by all of us i mean 'voices and people at the party.   this little girl named joceline got a 113 when i got a 99 on my game which helped my self esteem sooooooo much. ok i better go so i will write later. bye

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but holy crap, I keep laughing at that kid running his fingers through your hair and whispering, "SOFT." LMFAMFMKDSJDK THAT IS SO CREEPY!!! WHAT IN THE HELL. ...well, a mechanical spider in your bed might be creepy too, but even that doesn't top the kid messing with your hair, okay.

Oh, but I suck at bowling TOO. SO Y'KNOW, I feel you there, my homeslice. ...why did I call you my homeslice. OH WELL. ]< YOU ARE MY HOMESLICE. HOW MANY TIMES CAN I SAY HOMESLICE?


'k the end. LMFAO

what i don't get is why is the kid touching me he should know by the example of shawn that i don't like physical contact by other beings besides my friends

SRSLY. One time, a very long while ago, there was this girl that ALWAYS PLAYED WITH MY HAIR. AT CHURCH. ...I always told her to friggin' stop it, because I don't like people TOUCHING ME, but she never did stop. :D I feel your pain. I really do. Some people just DON'T CARE. ]< And I hate them, the end.

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