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this is really. QUIT LAUGHING AT ME. u stupid pierced freak

hello again, i am actually making 2 posts in about and don't know how many hours apart.  oh well screw it.   shawn's b-day party is tomorrow and he is about to piss his pants with excitement.  jessica told melody to shut up which i was about to kill her.  i looked at her but then she looked at me with huge eyes then stared at the ground the whole time before school started!  I have been having an effect on people like that lately*shrugging shoulder*.  i have not had mountain dew for almost a year this april.  gabriel is disappointed he hasn't talked to me much lately.  mr.rainey(he wants me to call him mort but i refuse)  has been my best friend of late.   until he starts to spazz out that is when you run!  then house and wilson have been pulling pranks for i don't know how long now.  Have you ever been woken up with them both yelling in your ears saying fire? it isn't fun.   but anyways this ends the random facts of me.  i will see ya later.

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Multiple posts are ALWAYS GOOD. 8'D!!

Also, I hope Shawn has a nice birthday party. LMFAO EVEN THOUGH IT WAS YESTERDAY, oh well. MY INTENTIONS ARE GOOD, I SWEAR.

Oh, and your death glare will turn anybody into apologetic mush. TRUST ME, I know. 3':

BTW WHAT!! It's sort of sad that you are Mountain Dew deprived. D: ...but it seems to have no affect on me whatsoever, these days, so I MEAN I DON'T KNOW. We need to find new ways to get our natural highs, man, rofl.

Ah, but speaking of Mort-- I mean Mr. Rainey, of course. ;D We have one in our system, so it's neat to see we have that in common sorta~! ( the way, when I say "system" I don't mean the headvoices, it's something different -- past lives, different personalities... we're still coming to terms with it LMFAO WE AREN'T SURE HOW TO EXPLAIN IT REALLY *cries*)

LMFAO ALSO HOUSE AND WILSON'S PRANKS? ...are funny, since I am not at the receiving end. ;D!!

btw, HERE'S a random thought: ...why do remixes suck so badly, man? ...:l

anyway okay byebye for now

here's another random thought: when I reread this comment, I thought I said "death glue" instead of "death glare" and I was like WHAT


yes, behold my glue of death and tremble

i have no idea why remixes suck. maybe its because the original is so good there is no need for improvement.....and about the past lives thing how is that going out for you?

That seems like a good answer to that question, really. ;3 ...however, I am ~~definitely~~ enjoying this remix of "He's a Pirate", which makes me a hypocrite. OH WELL. TIME'S UP UP UP UP!!

Also, well... we've been dealing with the past life thing for almost two years now, I think... but we've just realized that all of the lives have kind of split off and realized their individuality... so we've got something going on that SEEMS like multiple personalities, but it's quite different... 'cause we're all each other, in a sense! LMFAO. It's so confusing. But whatever, we're getting through, and... y'know, it's just a learning experience. :D BUT THANK YOU FOR ASKING. *bows*

Oh, not to mention, all of the personalities are from "fictional" sources. Do you realize how many people would think we're crazy? Not just reincarnation, but... FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!! LMFAO. GREAT. Oh well. I'm glad we can trust you with this. :'D

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