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i have been having a weird feeling for a couple of years now. it seems like someone is following me and i don't know what or whom it is.  i have told my family and they said maybe it was my gaurdian angel looking over me.  i don't thiks so... i only feel it at night and it is whenever i am alone or with someone. sometimes i feel it during the day but it is very rare.  you know when you feel a hole being stared through your back this is exactly how i feel.   and whenever i walk it seems to follow it really scares me and i just want to know what it is.  maybe i am being paranoid.  who knows.

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huh, a couple of YEARS? you'd think that whatever it is that's following you would've... showed itself or something, by now.

that is, of course, if there's actually something there. not to doubt you, of course, but we get some SERIOUS cases of paranoia, over here, especially at night. ...we kind of freak ourselves out, I guess, lmfao. :D

but you never know. there are so many parallel worlds, you might just be feeling something from one of them. or it could be a ghost. or it could be a spirit guide. or... who knows, like you said. it could be a million things.

maybe you should try talking to it? ...somehow. ...I dunno, really. wish I could help you. D:

also, it just occurred to me to ask what kind of energy this thing is giving off. I mean, obviously, you're going to feel uneasy having something you can't see following you around, but when you really think about it, does this thing have positive or negative energy? ...or if you don't even know, that's understandable too, rofl. I just don't want to tell you to communicate with something that maybe you shouldn't. 8D;; that's all. *GOES AWAY*

well if it meant to hurt me it could have already. i don't know what type of energy it has it's just feels like it is observing me. like i am some type of research or something. i might try talking to it but it will feel weird outside in the dark talking to something that can possibly be nothing. idk what to do honestly.

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